Can I sell Digital Products

Yes you can, but we do things a little differently...

Why are my listings having to wait for approval?

As a new seller, you will be in a pending state, as you learn the ropes. If you are stuck in pending, these are the reason why.

What are the guidelines for product photography?

If your photography is not being approved, or failing to show up on the Silk Purse Guild Social media, this guide will help you.

How do I list a product?

You can only begin to list products, once you have successfully set up your shipping formulas

What happens when I go on Holiday?

If you are unable to fulfil orders while you are away, we can switch your shop off for you.

Why do you restrict the sale of Greetings Cards?

Not all Greetings cards are made the same.......

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Why can I only add 4 product images?

Not only does this ensure the website is super fast for your customers, it also encourages quality images.

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