How do I issue a Refund?

How to issue a refund in your Stripe Account

The Silk Purse Guild does not handle your money at all. Everything sales related takes place between you and your customer, via your Stripe account.

To issue a refund, simply log in to your Stripe Account and open PAYMENTS


Once inside the Payments menu, look through the list and locate the order you wish to refund.


When you have located the correct order, click on the 3 dots (pictured below) to open the ACTIONS MENU Here you will be able to initiate the customers refund.


Please do be aware that refunds can take up to 30 days to process through Stripe. I would advise informing your customer, to avoid unnecessary issues of the customer service nature. You may also like to think about adding this information to your shop refund policy.

Last updated on 25th August 2021

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