Can I sell Digital Products

If you're selling digital goods, then you'll know all about the 20% Digital Goods Tax. With the fantastic VATMOSS scheme coming to an end, after the departure of the UK from the European union, paying digital goods tax has become an absolute mine field.

Sellers of digital goods now have to account for the tax in all of the countries they sell to, in various languages and currencies. In order to avoid this headache, for both you and your customers, we've made the decision to treat all digital products exactly the same as the physical products on our store. To put it simply, if you wish to sell digital products on the guild, you must be able to email them to your customer directly, without the use of any automatic download link. 

This system actually gives you a few added benefits. You will have the chance to really connect with your customers. You can let them know about products you're working on, as well as up and coming offers and sales. The Silk Purse Guild is not for companies wanting to provide thousands of downloads a nano second. We are here for small, handmade businesses who are willing to go the extra mile with their customer service.

It is your responsiblity to keep up with the ever changing rules, regarding your digital products. The best resource I've found online for this information is HERE

Last updated on 4th February 2021

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