Why can I only add 4 product images?

Not only does this ensure the website is super fast for your customers, it also encourages quality images.

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Why do you restrict the sale of Greetings Cards?

Not all Greetings cards are made the same.......

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If you see your product title become a capitalised request, please don't worry, I'm not shouting at you :)

Why are my listings having to wait for approval?

As a new seller, you will be in a pending state, as you learn the ropes. If you are stuck in pending, these are the reason why.

Documents are Password Protected

The trainings in our Academy are password protected

Can I change the email address on my account?

The simple answer is no, let me explain why...................

What are the guidelines for product photography?

If your photography is not being approved, or failing to show up on the Silk Purse Guild Social media, this guide will help you.

Copyright Law

By registering to sell on the Silk Purse Guild, you agree to be legally responsible for your own business

How do I give my Customer a Receipt?

Everything related to payments can be found within your own Stripe Account, let me show you where....

How do I issue a Refund?

Refunds are easy, and handled by our payment provider Stripe.

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