Why can I only add 4 product images?

Quality over Quantity

When you are selling online, you literally have zero products. Your customers cannot see, touch or hold your products. All you have is your product images, to convince your customer to part with hard earned pennies.

Restricting sellers to 4 images MAX encourages higher quality images, which in turn, converts into more sales potential for your small business.

You would be amazed at some of the images we have seen uploaded onto the Silk Purse Guild. We've had dogs, kids, bashed up parcels, 10 images of one product that look exactly the same (boring) and even a few of these out of focus, phone app edited monstrositys. Literally NO ONE is going to be interested in buying these bad boys!


To nail the perfect image listing, I would recommend the follow 4 killer shots

  1. The product, in all its glory, full size
  2. A close up of some interesting details
  3. The product as a lifestyle shot (in situ, or in use)
  4. If your packaging is kick ass, show them!

Obviously some products may require more images, so get in touch via the Facebook group and we will review it on a case by case basis.

Last updated on 14th May 2023

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