Why do you restrict the sale of Greetings Cards?

Before I began work on the Silk Purse Guild, I did research.... lots and lots of research. I asked people what their thoughts were on buying Handmade, and some of the responses stuck with me, even to this day.

Many people believed that handmade stood for cards and keyrings. They described craft items, of low value and interest, and dismissed the website out of hand.

With mass printing sites like Moonpig, creating custom, personalised cards, filled in and posted directly to the recipient, the competition is HUGE, and small handmade businesses simply cannot compete on postage costs alone.

Now, with the advent of the all new ChatGPT, sites like Etsy are filling up to the brim with computer generated "artwork" that it spits out at the touch of a button, with no real talent involved at all. Customers are complaining that they're being forced to trawl through endless pages of mediocre products, all of which look the same. This is not what the Silk Purse Guild is all about.

Now AI generated content is not to be confused with digital artwork, and we are more than welcome to work with digital artists. If you have something jaw dropping to bring to the table, do get in touch.

As a result, greetings cards must meet the following criteria -

  • High quality cards featuring your own original artwork
  • Cards that are raising money for charity
  • Handmade pop ups, explosion boxes or other unique creations

If you feel your work meets the above criteria, do get in touch.

Last updated on 14th May 2023

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