Why are my listings having to wait for approval?

All listings Pending Admin Approval

When you first join the Silk Purse Guild, all of your listings will be checked over by admin, before being published on the live site. This is to make sure that you know the ropes, and are following the listing guidelines set by the Guild, which can be found in the Academy.

Why you get Stuck in Pending

There are a few reasons why you can get stuck in a pending state, having to wait up to 5 working days for your listings to be edited, checked and approved by the admin. Here are a few of the reasons that could cause this to happen -

  • Product Titles are too long (4/5 words MAX)
  • Product Titles that include colours, sizes or dimensions
  • Incorrect or mismatched FONT - We use LATO size 12 exclusively
  • Excessive spelling or grammar errors
  • Product images not meeting the criteria
  • Failure to assign a shipping class to your listing
  • Failure to enable the Product Stock Management
  • Titles that contain charaters other than text, for example '''""",,,..._----

This list is not extensive, and if you find yourself stuck in pending, shout out in the group and Sara will go through it with you. Our aim is to get you out of pending as soon as possible, and hand you the keys to your very own shop, live on the Silk Purse Guild.

You can find all of the information you need, regarding listing criteria, in the Academy.

Last updated on 20th February 2023

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