What are the guidelines for product photography?


Consistently using identical images can easily tire out your customers!

Our website invests in optimizing all uploaded images, therefore, please ensure that you only upload images that adhere to our standards. Neglecting this could lead to the closure of your account.

When you operate an online business, you essentially have no physical products. Your customers are unable to physically interact with your products. The sole tool at your disposal is your product images, which must persuade customers to make a purchase.

By limiting sellers to a maximum of 4 images, we promote higher-quality images. This, in turn, boosts the sales potential for your small business.

Perfect Product Photography Guidelines

When selling online, your product photos are crucial. They act as your main sales tool, unlike at physical craft fairs. Quality images are essential for your online business success.

Gone are the days of casual product photos on kitchen tables. While the standards are higher now, you don't need to buy expensive equipment or spend hours on lighting setups.

You can create outstanding shots quickly using software products with just your phone. Check out the tutorial in the seller onboarding course for the best free app recommendation. See what you can achieve in minutes!

LEFT Original - RIGHT edited in minutes!


The original shots are on the left and yes, these are BOTH THE SAME PHOTOGRAPH!. You can achieve these results in minutes, just check out the tutorial in the seller onboarding for all the info and instructions.


Format Matters

As a small business owner, you've likely heard of brand consistency. Remember, the Silk Purse Guild is a small handmade business, like yours. To maintain our brand voice, please ensure that your product photos only feature your products.

We do not accept collage images, computer-generated templates, watermarked images, or framed photos. Additionally, we do not allow video or MP4 files as we are not TikTok.

NOT APPROVED on the left YES PLEASE on the right.


Attention to Detail

Obviously, images should be in focus.

Last updated on 8th February 2024

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