What are the guidelines for product photography?


Endless images that are all the same is a sure fire way to bore the pants off your customers!

The website pays to optimise all images uploaded to site, so please only ever upload images that meet our requirements. Failure to do so could result in account closure.

When you are selling online, you literally have zero products. Your customers cannot see, touch or hold your products. All you have is your product images, to convince your customer to part with hard earned pennies.

Restricting sellers to 4 images MAX encourages higher quality images, which in turn, converts into more sales potential for your small business.

Perfect Product Photography Guidelines

When selling your work online, the product photos you create are as important as your actual products. Unlike a physical craft fair, it is your product photography that will sell your work for you, making them the most important assets of your online business.

The days of taking pictures of your products on the kitchen table are long gone. The bar has most definitely been raised, but this does not mean than you have to rush out and buy expensive equipment, and spend hours setting up studio lights.

There are some awesome sauce software products that can help you to take amazing shots in minutes, using nothing but your phone. You'll find a tutorial in the seller Academy, showcasing what we feel is the very best, free app to do this. Here is an example of what you can achieve in minutes!

LEFT Original - RIGHT edited in minutes!


The original shots are on the left and yes, these are BOTH THE SAME PHOTOGRAPH!. You can achieve these results in minutes, just check out the tutorial in the seller Academy for all the info and instructions.


Format Matters

Brand consistancy is a term that I'm sure you've heard, as a small business owner. Please try to remember that the Silk Purse Guild is also a small, Handmade business, just like yours. To keep our brand voice consistant, we ask that all product photos be of your products ONLY. We will not approve collage images, computer generated templates, watermarked images or framed photos. We do NOT support video or MP4 files, we are not Tik Tok!

NOT APPROVED on the left YES PLEASE on the right.


Attention to Detail

Obviously, images should be in focus.

Last updated on 9th September 2023

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